Monday, April 30, 2007


It hasn't really been 4 months since we last posted a blog has it? Considering the length in time between posts, I'd imagine that only the seriously crazy people with WAY too much time on their hands will be checking this post! :)

Well, the rumors are true. Tiffany gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday morning at 1:37am. Mommy and Baby are doing just great. Tiffany got out of the hospital on Sunday afternoon, and her and the baby have been doing fantastic ever since. We named her Samantha Luella Gilchrist. I didn't realize how difficult naming a child could be. Tiffany was telling me the other day how it felt like we were playing house or something!

Well, without dragging this out any longer, here are some pictures!

Soooooooo cute I could just eat her! Look at those little feet! Something I forgot to mention earlier, we had Landon this weekend as well. Big thanks to Jon and Jen for letting Landon have a sleepover. Landon got to meet his baby sister on the day she was born! He's such a good boy, he spent a large part of Sunday in the hospital spending time with Tiffany and Samantha. I think I have the cuttest picture in the world saved on my cell phone now of Landon giving baby Samantha a kiss on her head. Just melts your heart.

Anywho, I should get some sleep. We have finally settled down in our townhouse, and have the computer all set up so we have no excuses for not posting more regularly.

Oh, very last note. April 28th 2007 was a very popular day. Not only was Samantha born but Marc and Brooke also had their son born on the same day! Congrads guys! Tiffany wants everyone to know that we had our baby first though! :P hehe. In addition to this, Matty boy Harris got married on the very same day! Holy popular day batman! Congrads Matt!

Gotta run,