Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Two Weeks With Landon

This Past weekend well we had Landon we went to Edmonton so he could play with his cousins there. They were all so excited to be having a sleep over, and they were even more excited to see they all had super hero pj's. The rest of the night they were all super heroes right up until it was time for bed.
We started to decorate Landon's room we got him some posters to put up on the walls (yes I am sorry no oilers posters. Landon does not like the oilers to much so it had to be flames). Here is his second poster we put up on the wall It's a cars poster and he (as you can see on his face) just loved that poster.
The first week we had Landon we had a Gilchrist reunion. It was a blast and Landon just loved playing with his cousins. We had a fun game of red rover in which we kicked some major butt. There was also a very intense scavenger hunt and once again Myself, Jon, Irene and Samantha won!
The kids had a blast playing hide and go seek this was their hiding spot The picnic at Bowness Park was a hit. we roasted hot dog and Marshmallows, but I think Landon's favorite was the grape pop.