Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Blessing

Okay so Ryan and I got a little behind on our blog again so here is the update. Well on June 10th was Samantha's baby blessing. It went great we had a ton of family support and Samantha as usual looked adorable! Ryan on the other hand was a little stressed out due to the fact that not only did he have to bless Samantha but he had to give a talk. He did amazing with both tasks. It is such a blessing to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home I love watching Ryan use his priesthood. Anyways back to Samantha as I said she looked so cute wearing a dress my mom made for her out of the left over material from my wedding dress and wrapped in a blanket given to us from Aunt Suzanne (Thanks mom and Aunt Suzanne). It was also great to have Landon there he is such a good brother to Samantha the past weekend he helped daddy and mama Tiffany watch Samantha and gave her lot's of Kisses.
Now that Ryan and I got our Camera fixed you can expect a lot more blogs from us, so Mark and Brooke you don't have to go off Jon and Jen's blog to see pics of us lol.