Monday, May 14, 2007

The Birth Story

Well Samantha is now 2 weeks old and growing more everyday! At our last visit with the doctor she said Sam has gained 11 ounces in a week. Now she is weighing in at 6lbs 6ounces. Before we know it she will be all grown up.
To follow the ways of Mark and Brooke I thought I would write what giving birth to Samantha was like. I guess I should start about a month ago I went to a doctor appointment when the doctor said I was measuring small so she wanted me to go in for an ultrasound. well three ultrasounds later they told me they would like to take the baby early because she just was not growing anymore. So I was on the waiting list to go in and have my baby. On Friday April 27th, 2007 I was over at Jon and Jen's house watching Jen's daycare kids for her when Jon came home and told me that Irene was coming over because I had to go to the hospital to have my baby.
We arrived at the hospital at 2:30pm and checked in. I was first sent to the triage room and hooked up to all sorts of machines. I stayed in there for what seemed like forever which was okay with me because Ryan had to run off to get Landon and give him to Jon and Jen to watch, and I didn't want to go through any of it without him there. Ryan made it back with lot's of time left. They then moved me into the labor and delivery room where they put an IV in me and broke my water. They started the patosin, and a few hours later I felt my first contraction. Things were going great until they raised my level of Patosin suddenly the contractions were starting to hurt. They checked me and I was at a 4. Remembering my classes I took I tried some different positions to help with the pain. I tried laughing gas which did nothing but make me feel drunk between contractions but nothing when they were happening. They later gave me some other pain medicine which lasts for 45 minutes, but honestly that did nothing as well. finally I said give me the epidural! The nurse checked me and said I was at a 9 so I had missed that boat. It came time to push...... I am not going to go into that one but let me tell you it was not fun.
After a few pushes out came Samantha it was so strange to see a little body come out of you, but both Ryan and I fell in love that instant. She has been such a blessing to our family.
Well that is the short version. Overall Samantha is so worth everything I had to go through. Oh and poor Ryan I think I broke his fingers at one point, but I was so grateful to have him there by my side.