Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Day. Round 1

Howdy from Cowtown,

Here's a few quick pictures of our early christmas with Makayla and Landon. Landon just LOOOVEESSS his nerf gun that Uncle Pat hooked him up with. Man, he's not even 3 years old and he already loves shooting things... be still my heart :P Honestly, could it be anymore obvious that he's just like his Daddy!? I love it! It was my first early christmas... and hopefully my last! It just doesn't feel right opening gifts a week before the 25th. What can you do though... can't win em all.

Not sure how to setup the pictures right, but the last few are of Landon/Dahl/Aaron and Me when they came up waaay back in november. I shoulda posted these earlier but I forgot. Please note.... Landon and Me whopped Aaron and Dahl in the box races. (Maybe whopped is a bit extreme) We also tried to let Aaron go for a ride but apparently he's gained some weight or something cause we could barely move him!



Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ginger Bread House 101

Last week we got together with Jon, Jen and Makayla and built a Ginger Bread House! Tiffany managed to purchase an awesome gingerbread house kit for like $8.00 at walmart. It came with... well everything you see in the pictures. I'd highly recommend it. Anywho, it was a blast. Sadly, our finished ginger bread house looked nothing like the one shown on the box. Personally, I think ours looked far more original. In one of the pictures you can see the sidewalk that we COVERED with sprinkles. It didn't stay covered for too long though... mmmmm sprinkles and icing!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lights at the zoo

hey guys,

here is a short post just to let all of you know what our little family has been up to. Last weekend we had Landon ( we love having the little guy for weekends). On Friday we went to see the zoo lights. It was a little chilly but fun, Landon got to play on the hay bails and kick the big balls around that were supposed to be snowballs. Jon, Jen and Makayla were there as well although we didn't see Jon and Jen much due to the smooch lights No just kidding, the smooch lights were a big hit though even Landon and Makayla got caught under the glow of the smooch. I think the highlight for those two was the glow pop's. Landon and Makayla were the coolest kids at the park, but they are Gilchrist so who would expect anything less right.

As for the rest of the weekend all I can say is.......To Be Continued...........

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

This Tuesday, like every Tuesday we get to have Landon over. So, thanks to Mom and Dad (on Tiff's side) we actually had a christmas tree to setup. So, after I picked up Landon we hit up Superstore and went shopping for some decorations/candy canes and 1 box of christmas lights (Note to self: When setting up 1st christmas tree... buy LOTS of lights) Oh, how could I forget. We also bought EGGNOG! Man, I forgot why I love Christmas so much. Eggnog is the greatest thing ever invented! So we got home, surprised Tiff with some daisies from Landon and setup the christmas tree. It was another fun Tuesday with Landon. Oh, I also forgot to buy a star, check out what I came up with instead.
Without any further ado/adu? (no idea how to spell that one) Here are the pictures! Oh, Jon, Jen and Makayla also came over to help out! We also have some pics of Makayla doubling with Landon on his Motorbike. Like father like son hey?
PS- Is it just me or is that picture not straight?


Saturday, December 2, 2006


Well, Tiffany and I went for our first Ultra-Sound Thursday afternoon. I must admit, it is an amazing experience when you finally get to see your child. It makes it seem so much more real! Tiffany decided that she HAD to know the sex of the baby, so we did. (Sorry Aaron... nothing I could do buddy) Because there are certain individuals in our family that don't want to know what the baby is... I'll leave it a mystery for now. If you want to know, ask away! Or, take a look at this pictures and try to figure it out for yourself!
It must be late, but isn't the word "Ultra-Sound" just awsome? I have no idea what that word has to do with the images, but if you have "Ultra-Sound Judgement" you'd be one smart person! Am I wrong? Or, is posting @ 2am (ish) in the morning just a bad idea?

Either way... Babies Rule!