Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Long Weekend

It was a great long weekend. We had Landon so we jumped in the car Saturday and went to Sherwood Park. It was so great to see the family and let Landon play with his cousins. The boys had a blast playing Hockey and Basketball, well Samantha showed off her new talent of sucking on her toes.
On Monday morning we had a visit from three ninja turtles. They were so cute running around and doing all the ninja tricks. Landon was so excited when Kaden and Colby gave Landon two swords to keep. Thanks guys.
Well it was a fun weekend and I know Landon misses the boys he has already said we need to call them and ask them to come over to our house. Thanks for all the fun.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

Wow I can not believe we beat Jon on the Halloween blog. Sorry there are so many pictures but it was a big night. It was a night of firsts. We had Landon for the first time on Halloween and boy was it fun. Landon had so much energy he just wanted to run from house to house. He was the best Ninja turtle I had ever seen. He scored and got a ton of candy but the only Candy he really wanted were the chips lol. It was also Samantha's first Halloween ever and her costume was the big guessing game people said she was a sheep or a poodle we even heard she was a cute pig the correct answer was a poodle. She was such a trooper going from door to door getting her daddy and Grandpa Tom candy. Which leads me to the final first of Halloween JON GOT TOM INTO THE SUMO COSTUME! I could not believe it. I was so much fun having Tom go around with the kids I think he even went to a few doors to get candy for himself.
The pumpkin pictures were from the Monday before Halloween the kids carved pumpkins and made spider cookies. Ryan and Landon made a spider dog as well. Kayla made a whole bunch of spider cookies with Grandma well Landon ate the oreos.
It's been a fun week, but now it's time to start planning for Christmas lol (I said that to scare Ryan) Happy Halloween!