Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Landon's Birthday Party!

Landon had his birthday party this weekend. It went well besides the last minute changes we had to go through, but thanks to Jon and Jen (who saved us) with the location of the party it went great. Landon wanted a sports birthday party with a Ninja Turtle Cake. So I was on the mission to make his cake. There was not a single Ninja Turtle cake pan in the whole city so I had no choice but to free hand it. Well I think it turned out more like a Green rat then a turtle, but oh well Landon liked it so I was happy. After some Hotdogs and Hockey we went swimming with Kaden, Colby and MK. Besides Colby falling all the time and traumatizing Irene swimming was a blast.

Over all the party was fun and I am just happy it's all done and over with. Good thing birthdays only come once a year.


Brooke Gilchrist said...

The cake looks freakig perfect! I am sorry both brooke and I are lame at birthdays. If you tell me your and Landons I will write them down! I guess I should know Sam's:) In fact I still struggle with Ryan and Evans. It was just two days ago when I was entering B-days into my new mac. I put ryan down on the 16th of July? Man I hope so!

Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

I thought it looked great too!!We had a great time at Jon and Jen's - not to mention the pool:)
I'm surprized that cousin does not have bruises all over his body - poor guy!!
bye for now, Irene

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

I love the cake! Dahl would have died if he saw that. He loves Ninja Turtles.

Brooke Gilchrist said...

Great Cake! I wish Aden had a few more little boys his age around. We seriously only know 1. Everyone else is girls. There are five kids in his Sunbeam-all girls but him. I've signed him up for swim lessons in 2 weeks so maybe and I think he's going to start preschool so hopefully we'll meet some more boys. Looks like you had a good b-day for Landon. :)