Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So the other day Ryan and I were in our room when we heard some splashing coming from the bathroom. When we walked in we found Samantha playing with her new favorite toy. Although we were not happy I had to take some pictures.


Brooke Gilchrist said...

Guess you'd better make sure your toilet bowl is always clean or just make sure you always close the bathroom when you're finished :) Great pics-they'll be good in her wedding album someday.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what kind of parents cant afford to buy their kid a toy, that the child must resort to that!! On a side note, maybe it would be better to offer her one of yoru bottom of the line, fell of the back of your truck matreses!! hehe

Irene said...

Honestly, I think she just misses her time at the Cardel swimming pool!!
Closed doors is probably the key - now I know why we were making sure our main front bathroom door was closed as well as the laundry room. hahahaha!
She is just too adorable even in her first mischiefs:)
Love grandma Irene

The J Hasleton's said...

Cute!Cute! Give her a toilet brush & send her down to CA, my toilets always need a scrub.