Monday, March 24, 2008


It's been a busy Easter weekend. We had Landon for Easter this year so there were a lot of fun things planned. On Saturday we went to Butterfield Acres for the big Easter egg hunt (More like a rock hunt) It was fun to watch Landon and MK hunt for the painted rocks and then put them down the Easter Bunnies secret hole yelling "ROCKS COMING!". After we walked around and let the kids pet the animals. Samantha had her first experience with a Goat!

Sunday the Easter Bunny came to our house which was a fun time for the kids. Landon loved looking for the eggs, well Samantha tried to eat what he found. Landon even got a call from the Easter Bunny who gave him a few clues to help him out.

Over all it was a fun weekend, and we loved every minute of it.


Brooke Gilchrist said...

Fun times at Easter! This year, Easter weekend fell on Marc's 30th birthday so I threw him a surprise party on Sat. It was way fun! Lincoln is officially crawling-for the last week and half about. It sucks :) He's so fast. I don't envy you for the extra month you've had of Sam crawling. It's a handful. Love and miss you guys!

Irene said...

How fun to see the pictures about the kids Easter adventures.
Love you all,

The Parker Family said...

looks like you all had fun. Samantha is getting so big.

Marc Gilchrist said...

Marc never notices things like messy desks or couches. At least the dancing was cool! :)